Josh Dickinson, D.O., is a general surgeon practicing at Conway Regional Surgical Associates.

Q: How did you get started cycling?  

A: I began mountain biking while I was in college at Cedarville University in Ohio.  

Q: What positive effects are there to cycling with the family?  

A:  It’s really been a great opportunity for me to spend time with my kids. I’m a coach for NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association), a competitive mountain biking organization, and my son Maxwell and daughter, Mclaine, compete in the sport. We also go on family joy rides and that gives all of us time to be together as a family, have adventures, and exercise all at the same time.  

Q: I don’t live near the paved bicycle trails, so most of our family rides take place around our neighborhood. What are some tips for ensuring the safety of my children when we ride our bicycles together on city streets?  

A:  My recommendations are always that no one even sits on the bike without a helmet and you have to check the chains and brakes prior to riding. It’s also a good idea to avoid trails that share space with cars. I made sure my children learned how to use hand signs, stop at intersections, and cross walks on the trail.  

Q: In what ways has cycling improved your health, both physically and mentally?  

A: Any chance that I have to get out in nature always raises my spirits. Biking is a low impact cardiovascular sport. Mountain bike has potential for more crashes a little bit of adrenaline keeps me interested.  

Q: You are relatively new to Conway. How would you rate the city’s support of cycling?  

A: I find that this is really a positive cycling community. Cars seem to be respectful of bikes. Trails are better maintained there is more of a pro cyclist atmosphere here in Conway. There are so many options for mountain biking, gravel biking, and road biking here. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and spend time with your family. My family really likes the Tucker Creek trail that runs through Conway. Also the new pump track at Pompe Park is great for mountain biking.